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GPS fleet management, car GPS tracking & personal GPS tracking

With the implementation of today’s powerful corporate and personal GPS location tracking systems and a large choice of car GPS receivers many logistics companies are efficiently driving up their resource utilization rates.

A modern fleet GPS tracking system allows a logistics planner to significantly cut operating costs and provides the company or an individual with a significant return on investment.

GPS tracking works thanks to a large satellite-based navigation system that's made up of a space
network of 24 satellites placed into Earth orbit by the U.S. Defense Department. Equally to the satellite positioning (sat nav), GPS tracking works anywhere in the world, in any weather conditions, 24 hours a day.

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Live Maps - Which Tool Is Better?

There are many free mapping websites and and online cartography tools available on the Internet. Almost any of these sites or applications maps lets us see and explore geographic details of a country, city, town or any other place on the Earth. Some of them also let users see high resolution satellite photos, enjoy street-side and flyover aerial views and provide us with useful GPS tools for the conversion of latitude and longitude coordinates, UTM Coordinates and other geodata.

Best online mapping services

Online maps are getting more and more popular on the Internet and attract a lot of new users every day. Online mapping applications and tools make it very easy and convenient for anyone to find and locate an address or a local place through its latitude and longitude, get driving directions, or enjoy high-resolution satellite imagery, street-side views and three dimensional aerial photos.

Wide picture with logos of the most popular online mapping apps and tools: Bing Maps vs Google Maps vs Openstreet vs Wikimapia vs Mapquest

The most popular free online mapping applications are Google Maps, Bing Maps (previously branded as Virtual Earth and Live Search Maps and are still accessible online through the one-time web-address, MapQuest and an open source project powered by a supporter community - OpenStreetMap.

Basically, all these online atlases, mapping tools and geolocation services are very similar and have comparable features, but if you are a real lover of online cartography, every of these services may offer you something special. This means that in some cases you may build you own preference by comparing different services by their interface comfort, download and rendering speed, accuracy level and specific features.

Comparison of online maps, atlases and other geo-location, positioning and geographic tools, techniques and technologies

45 degrees view of New York in 3D image preview Maybe the best way to compare different free online maps is exploring their "aerial view" and "satellite view" tools that are based on the 3D streaming technology and use resources of the aerial imagery and Earth imagery from space.

This technology let the us explore places, objects, local topographical landscapes and landforms from a satellite or aerial view from the bird's view (in many cases in 3D perspective) on any computer, smartphone or other Internet-connected mobile device. One of the best 3D viewers is the relevant feature of Microsoft Bing Maps - Bird's Eye View.

Another type of online navigation apps and tools are so-called "street-level maps". First application of that kind was launched on Google Maps/Google Earth interface as Street Views tool. A little later Microsoft launched a similar solution - StreetSide View - on their Live Search Maps (previous version of MSN/Bing Maps). Both solutions enable panoramic imagery of street-level scenes with side views from various positions that are available for a big number of streets, localities, roads and highways, building areas and other places worldwide.

Let's start exploring the planet

So, if you are not looking for a desktop cartography application and prefer to explore the Earth online, you have a pretty big number of options. There are also many other map, location and GPS navigation related services and solutions available on the web, including demo versions of proprietary online software programs that are often free or offered for a small one time or annual fee. It is up to you to decide which tools serve your current needs best.

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