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Today is Wednesday, 24 August 2016

TomTom $50 Android Navigation App

TomTom launches a $50 GPS navigation app for Android phones, but forgets to ensure it works with some of them

Good news: there is now a full-featured TomTom GPS Android app that features live traffic data, multiple stop routing and a great, user friendly interface. But there is bad news, too. Actually it’s rather funny in a sad way:  this brand new TomTom GPS app is not compatible with some of most recent mobile devices from Samsung and HTC: Galaxy S III, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note and HTC One X.

Otherwise, the new app is very good. Both, the maps and navigation closely mirror the experience of TomTom’s GPS hardware. And they have long had one of the most powerful personal navigation devices on the market. In Europe TomTom has a big part of the car GPS  market. Many European customers are used to their TomToms, prefer their experience to other solutions for driving directions and turn-by-turn navigation. These customers would like to get the same experience on their mobiles, too. That’s exactly why a 50$ app has a chance.

The new app offers you true offline maps and driving directions

The TomTom app is available for $50 for most regions. The US/Canada version requires 2.3GB of a device’s storage space. So, in case you’re looking for a more reliable in offline mode solution than Google or Bing Maps’ built-in  online-only turn-by-turn driving directions, TomTom now offers you a good alternative. Don’t forget: TomTom offers true offline maps that allows you to go anywhere you want and be able to pull up maps and navigate to a POI.

Apparently, this GPS app being limited by resolution isn’t able to work with recent, high-resolution models of Android devices. However, according to the company, they’re working on releasing a more compatible solution. But in the near future, this app will not work with the mentioned devices as well as with the Nexus 7 tablet.