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Today is Friday, 26 August 2016

AirCover Family Locator – The App That Lets You Track Those Close To You

People tracking app AirCover Security Suite for iOS and Android is available for free for a limited time

Initially, AirCover – a people tracking mobile app was launched several months ago by a startup company BlueSprig as an all-in-one security and protection assistant that let users secure their devices from viruses, back up data, locate a lost Android or iPhone handset or tablet and track family members. However, about a week ago Blue Sprig launched the first offshoot of AirCover Security Suite and extended it into a standalone app that helps you protect your family members through its tracking features. The new app is available for iOS and Android platforms at $2.99. However right now it is available for free download from both, Apple and and Google Play app stores.

Family Locator features

So, now it’s is all about tracking your loved ones. The AirCover Family Locator lets you geo-fence different location areas, and if a family member enters defined spaces, you’ll receive an alert without the tracked person having to somehow  ‘check in’ or ‘check out’. The AirCover app lets you view several persons’ distance from each other and  monitor their exact current location.

Other features include quick linking to emergency response tools and give you the option to look at footprints of where a corresponded person has been over the last couple of days. AirCover Security Suite also allows you to alert family members when you are in trouble as well as to respond to your family member’s alerts.  You can send free messages or make quick calls directly from the app to your family members. The Family Locator can also help you easily find safe places like polices stations or hospitals near you when you need it.