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Live Maps / Bing Maps

Online Maps by Microsoft

Live Maps Birds Eye View 3D

Bing Maps (previously Live Maps, Live Search Maps and Virtual Earth), is a web-based mapping service that let users search for addresses, businesses,  landmarks and street names worldwide. Users can select from a road-map style view, a satellite view or a hybrid of the two. Numerous and diverse enhanced online tools, such as Street View MapsBirds Eye View, Satellite 3D View and many others, serve to help the user to focus the attention on different aspects of a geo-location, point or object.

Locating GPS coordinates on Bing maps

If you are looking a particular spot on a map and then want to find its GPS coordinates follow these hints:

  1. Right click on the desired place and place a mark by choosing the Set mark option
  2. Hover over that mark and save this place
  3. After having saved the place export it to a GPX file with the correct coordinates inside the XML File, just search for lat= and long=

Birds Eye View Maps

Bing online map service also provides users with “bird’s-eye” (birds eye view to be exact) three-dimensional images for many world’s bigger cities as well as with 3-dimensional maps (Live Earth) with virtual 3D navigation and to-scale terrain and 3D buildings.

Bing Maps Worldwide Telescope (WWT)

Now Microsoft MSN Worldwide Telescope  is a part of Bing Maps. Just go to Bing Maps website, click on “Map Apps” and click on the Worldwide Telescope link to launch the tool and start to explore the skies and virtually travel in the Outer Space.