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Live Satellite Maps

The popularity of live satellite maps has increased over recent years as they’re attracting attention of more and more new users every day. With live satellite mapping it has become more convenient and easy to enjoy satellite images of the Earth and locate a place on the map.

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The main goal of German TanDEM-X satellite is to provide high-resolution satellite photos for creating the sharpest ever 3D maps of the Earth

Satellite and aerial imagery maps let you get live overhead view of your home or any other geographic area

Through the release of live satellite maps, which took place over the last seven years, people can get a live overhead view of almost any area with little to no effort. These maps will show you everything from the rooftop of your house down to what’s laying on a neighbor’s home yard. You will even be able to see the cars in the driveway. The intention behind these maps is also to provide the user with the ability to effortlessly map driving directions. With these maps and driving directions you can spot landmarks to make your trip a lot easier.

Bing Virtual Earth and Google Earth – pioneers and competitors in live satellite imagery

Bing Maps (formerly Live Search Maps, Live Maps or also MSN Live satellite maps) and Google Maps are certainly the most popular amongst all free map websites. Both their live satellite mapping tools,  Bing Virtual Earth and Google Earth, give you the ability to use numerous functions and features while watching satellite images of the Earth or looking for landscape details of a place or an object.  It would be quite natural for a new adept of online maps to use the features and interfaces of both of these online mapping tools and prefer one over the other.

Google Earth – Satellite view as Google sees it

Google Maps began in February of 2005, which is free and for non-commercial use. You can use the map features to plot a course by car, public transit, or on foot. Google Earth was developed shortly after. It offers a high resolution satellite or aerial view of most of the places in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and several other countries.

Bing Live Earth – Geospatial mapping from Microsoft

Bing Maps,  previously known as Live Maps or Live Search Maps, was launched as public online service a bit later on the base  already existing Microsoft’s technologies such as TerraServer and Microsoft MapPoint. Microsoft’s solution also included a geospatial mapping platform, Virtual Earth, that enabled satellite view and satellite imagery.

Are all high resolution images made from satellites or are they product of aerial imagery?

Although both, Google Earth and Bing Maps, offer the words “live satellite views” or “live satellite imagery”, the majority of the high resolution images are from aerial photos, while the rest are indeed satellite imagery. A majority of the landmarks and geological formations are visible, but some are at a lower resolution. Less densely populated areas will also be at a lower resolution. You’ll also find blurred areas mostly in the United States and Canada due to security reasons. A couple of the blurred areas you will find include: The White House; the U.S. Naval Observatory area, and the U.S. Capitol building.