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Maps And Directions

Using online maps for route planning

Online maps are extremely popular nowadays. Among the best known are online mapping interfaces from Google Maps, Bing Maps and MapQuest Maps. Sometimes these live services aren’t that accurate (especially for rural areas), however, they often provide online users with many additional options.  If you are a frequent driver, you’ll obviously find very useful those of them that allow you to use online maps for route planning.

Online route planning

Online route planning function can help you with calculating the smartest route from point A to point B using daily map updates, actual road speed data and sometimes real-time traffic information. In this case, if you choose to leave now or, let’s say in 30 minutes, the current traffic conditions are taken into account for planning your best route. And what is the best of it – you can create an optimized driving route and track mileage in seconds!

Maps And Directions

Maps And Directions

Google Maps And Directions

Google’s Driving Direction interface allows you to customize every step of your next trip by getting step-by-step driving directions, planning a trip with multiple stops and checking live traffic conditions in select cities. All this just by using their Drag ‘n drop points feature.

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Bing Driving Directions

Microsoft’s answer for online mapping solutions is powered by the Bing Maps for Enterprise framework. Among others, Bing Maps online interface is keeping up with the competition from Google and MapQuest. Today, many more users are aware of Bing Maps as it can be easily added to Firefox through the installing of  an add-on.

Bing Maps has has a user-friendly interface with perfect directions maps. To get an optimized driving direction  you just need to enter your location and destination. Then the directions interface will provide you with the best route available. A relatively new feature,  the Navigate button, allows you to calculate your route and guide you as you drive. This helps to avoid traffic or toll booths, as well as see arrows and hear alerts about upcoming turns.